Legacy Internationals 2018 was big success

With Legacy Cheer & Dance having their Nationals at The O2 Arena last weekend. Find out key news and successes from the competition.

We attended Legacy Cheer & Dance Live Your Legacy Internationals this weekend at The O2 Arena. We were unfortunate to not spend the whole weekend there due to other plans but the competition was amazing. Many teams from across the country and from France came to the O2 Arena in sight of making history in the UK Cheer world.

The Venue

The venue was an amazing place with many facilities to offer. The main thing about the arena was how much space was offered. With the wide concourses and plenty of seating it allows spectators and athletes the freedom to relax and watch the routines comfortably. The seating was very comfortable in which was one the best arena I have been to in sense of sitting there watching routines all day.

The security staff was amazing on the day with everyone I spoke to being friendly and actually asking about UK cheerleading and willing to learn about it. The flexability that the O2 allowed athletes to take in food and drink was amazing as well as allowing them to have their own entrance which caused less obstruction getting in and out the arena.

We loved having the routines on in the concourses with all speakers playing routine music and microphone throughout the arena. This allowed those who couldn’t stay seated in the arena (eg. those with young children) to watch and listern to routines and awards.

Image from https://populous.com/project/the-o2-london/

The Competition

The competition was laid out well with awards sessions breaking up the day and the nice relaxed atmosphere. Every team that performed on the day put out amazing routines with them trying their hardest and soaking in the fact they are performing in one of the biggest arenas in the country.

Results will be posted on our result section here soon and head over to our Youtube and Instagram for videos of the competition.

Grand Champions and Prize Winners

Legacy issued out cash prizes for those who won grand champions awards in each level as well as wildcard drawings. Any team that didn’t win a grand champions award was placed into the wildcard drawing. Below is the winners and how much they won.

  • Prep Divisions Grand Champ:
  • Level 1 Divisions Grand Champ (£1000): Zodiac Allstars – Shadow
  • Level 2 Divisions Grand Champ (£1000): SA Academy – SA Elite
  • Level 3 Divisions Grand Champ (£1000): SA Academy – SA Extreme
  • Level 4 Divisions Grand Champ (£1000): SA Academy – SA Fusion
  • Level 5/R5 Divisions Grand Champ (£5000): Zodiac Allstars – Pink
  • ICE 5 won second place to grand champs but due to close competition get £1000 of Legacy credit to get off competitions
  • Bronze Wildcard (£500): Cheer Starz Amethyst
  • Silver Wildcard (£1000): Ultimates Supernova
  • Gold Wildcard (£1500): Illuminate Allstars – N5ON
  • Hip-Hop Grand Champ (£1000): SA Academy – Cyclones
  • Pom Grand Champ (£1000): Star Spirit – Odyssey
  • Jazz Grand Champ (£1000): SA Academy – Supreme
  • Lyrical Grand Champ (£1000): SA Academy – Supreme
  • Overall Dance Grand Champ (£5000): SA Academy – Supreme (Jazz)

Once again thank you to Legacy for an amazing weekend to round of our season. We cannot make it next weekend to Bournemouth but stay tuned for news coming from there.

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