Summit, USASF, IASF & ICU Worlds has date changes for 2020!

Summit, USASF, IASF & ICU Worlds has date changes for 2020!

Varsity, USASF, IASF & ICU have just announced the changed dates for the 2020 Worlds and Summit. We will dive into what the dates are and why the changes have happened and how it will affect UK cheer teams flying out. The changes are minor and will only reorder the weekends and move it a couple of days along.

The Schedule

  • The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds 2020: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th April
  • ICU World Championships: Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th April
  • The Summit & Dance Summit 2020: Friday 1st – Monday 4th May (Dance Summit is unchanged)
    See images below for more detailed breakdown.

Why has the change happened?

The International Cheer Union (ICU) has had to slightly change their event date due to a scheduling conflict with important international meetings. That change has caused the USASF, IASF and Varsity to slightly change their event date for The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds as well as The Summit to avoid event overlap at Walt Disney World®.

To note this change is currently a one-off change and will revert back to normal format in 2021.

In total this should not affect UK teams that are attending both Worlds and Summit to much as it only pushes it to 1 day later finish but starts 2 days later.

Stay tuned to UK Cheer News for latest and up to date news from UK Cheer community and feature posts from programmes from around the country.

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