SportCheer Wales announce ICU team updates

SportCheer Wales announce ICU team updates

SportCheer Wales issues two updates to their ICU worlds teams.

For the 2020 International Cheer Union Championships, Wales will remain non-unified teams for both cheer and dance. With this, they have announced the programme who will represent them for cheer.

Gymfinity has been announced as the programme representing Wales in both Junior All-Girl Advanced with Gymfinity Sovereign Supreme and Senior All-Girl Elite with Gymfinity Ladies of the Crown.

The second announcement was from SportCheer Wales’ Adaptive Abilities team.

With the 2019-2020 competitive season being non-unified, SportCheer Wales have their Development plan where they have launched the Welsh Adaptive Abilities Coalition. 

The Welsh Adaptive Abilities Coalition is an All-Star cheerleading team which is designed to allow accessible cheerleading opportunities for adaptive ability athletes by allowing them to practice and compete at one national competition. Athletes with disabilities will compete alongside existing all-star athletes. It is a not-for-profit venture which will require a small charge for classes, comp entry and uniforms.

Introduction and interest session will be held on Saturday 2nd November 2019 with registration by email to due by Saturday 26th October 2019.

From the whole UK Cheer News team, good luck to whole of Team Wales this season and we look forward to updates from SportCheer Wales.

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